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And that's why this solemn occasion is so important. For today we are here to defend the rule of law.

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If we ignore this evidence, I believe we undermine the rule of law that is so important that all America is. Speaker, a nation of laws cannot be ruled by a person who breaks the law.

Otherwise, it would be as if we had one set of rules for the leaders and another for the governed. We would have one standard for the powerful, the popular and the wealthy, and another for everyone else. This would belie our ideal that we have equal justice under the law. That would weaken the rule of law and leave our children and grandchildren with a very poor legacy. I don't know what challenges they will face in their time, but I do know they need to face those challenges with the greatest constitutional security and the soundest rule of fair and equal law available in the history of the world.

And I don't want us to risk their losing that. Christopher Cox - R-CA Every single man and woman in Operation Desert Fox at this very moment is held to a higher standard than their commander in chief. Let us raise the standard of our American leader to the level of his troops. Let us once again respect the institution of the presidency.

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Let us see to it indeed what the censure resolution says merely in words, that no man is above the law. Let us not fail in our duty.

Let us restore honor to our country. House Impeachment Manager Stephen Bryer R-IN A core function of the government derives its role from the social contract that our civilized society has under which a fundamental exchange of rights takes place. We give up the right to exercise brute force to settle disputes, a situation where chaos reigns and the strongest most often prevail.

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Instead, we submit to the power delegated to the state under which an individual then submits, to the governmental processes as part of the social contract. Indeed, when conflict arises in our society, we as individuals are compelled via the social contract to take disputes to our third branch of government, the courts. The judicial branch of government then peacefully decides which party is entitled to judgement in their favor after a full presentation of truthful evidence.

Implicit in the social contract that we enter into as a civilized society is the principle that the weak are equally entitled as the strong to equal justice under law. Despite the tumbling tides of politics, ours is a government of laws and not men. It was the inspired vision of our Founding Fathers that the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of government would work together to preserve the rule of law.


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At first they're simple. As a member of the VMY I want to assure you that being a young person and being a missionary is a lifestyle that is worth the while. Note the words of the hymn of the VMY that we sing in Portugal:. Vincent loved people with the heart of God, We will open the cold and deserted earth to the warmth of heaven above Vincent loved God in the poor, in his brothers and sisters To be a young Vincentian is to share the Word and bread!

VMY in Portugal. HTML code is not allowed. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. Note the words of the hymn of the VMY that we sing in Portugal: Vincent loved people with the heart of God, We will open the cold and deserted earth to the warmth of heaven above Vincent loved God in the poor, in his brothers and sisters To be a young Vincentian is to share the Word and bread!

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