Scorpio horoscope for january 16

Reckless spending in the past may be on your mind. Go through your records and look at them objectively. You'll probably find that things are not as bad as they seem.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 16th January 2018

Then sit down and write down a plan for handling what circumstances do need attention. In this way, you'll be able to get your head together and take care of business without making yourself crazy. It's not worth it.

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Bizarre and unexpected events are in store for you today, so don't be too surprised if not everything goes according to plan. Take note however, that these events may be a part of a much larger trend, indicative of a tremendous opportunity that is knocking on your door. Heed the subtleties and small innuendoes that are indicative of this larger wave of energy passing through.

Latch on to this wave and see it as a major time of growth and expansion in your life. Your physical vitality should feel quite strong, and you are encouraged by a greater amount of self-confidence.

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At the same time, however, someone seems to be trying to ruffle your feathers by being selfish, and disrespectful of your space. This is likely to lead to conflict that you simply don't need. The good news is that this conflict is likely to open you up to a different perspective that can ultimately be very useful in understanding the entire situation. Life: Avoid being too irritable at the start of this week!

Scorpio Horoscope: January 16, - uInterview

Love: Wednesday is a lucky day for you, as Venus in your sign has brought with it a whole load of romance and intimacy. A chance encounter at the weekend could lead to something more, so let your guard down and open yourself up to the thought of love. White House declares war on impeachment inquiry. Trump administration expected to announce exit from 'Open Skies' treaty. Parents get 1 month in prison in college admission scam.

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The last woolly mammoth died 4, years ago on an island in the Arctic. Alec Baldwin falls for classic New York City scam. A photographer told a group of teens to stop using the n-word. Then shots rang out. School-on-wheels bringing education to doorsteps.

January 16 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

When to book flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you receive a loan or a new bank card, control the temptation to go spend immediately, put your common sense to work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – January 12222

    Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign. You can also find your ascendant , you will discover your chinese sign , mayan sign , celtic sign and read the general horoscopes relating to day , week , month and new year. You can also discover what day of the week you were born. Meanwhile, here in the two tables that show the days on which the period begins and ends each of the 12 signs of the traditional zodiac. The second also indicates if the sign is fixed, cardinal, mobile and to that element in nature belongs and so fire, earth, air, water. If you were born in January you are capricorn or aquarius.

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